Hund Haus Kennel 1045 N. Wilcox Dr. (423-530-2979)

Q – Are you a “doggie day-care”?

A – We have day-time regulars, who sometimes play together, pending their disposition and size/age balance. HHK’s first and foremost priority is to keep all clients SAFE! Some dogs can be unpredictable and we do not socialize clients because of potential risk.

Q – Do you board all breeds?

A – Yes, we do not breed-discriminate. However, if your dog weighs over 45lbs, HHK requires a free, trial (4-hour) stay. If your dog is hostile and/or aggressive toward other animals and/or humans, HHK will not board the dog. If your dog exhibits stressed, unpredicted behaviors not noted by owner, we will not board the dog. 

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