Hund Haus Kennel 1045 N. Wilcox Dr. (423-530-2979)
  • HHK charges a flat $15 a day rate for your first dog and $10 for each additional dog.
  • We have an extensive 24 hour, security/fire/climate monitoring system that was installed by Tele-Optics of Kingsport.
  • We have over 3000 sq. Ft. Of inside controlled-climate runs.  
  • Our facility was designed and constructed specifically for professional canine boarding.
  • HHK specializes in overnight  boarding and doggie day-care.
  • We have never resulted in any sickness to our boarders.
  • We do not provide “common” water sources for the dogs.  Each dog has its own stainless steel water and feed bowls provided by HHK, in their own run.
  • HHK bleaches each run and all bowls between each boarder.
  • HHK provides cots for all boarders.
  • We wash dog’s beds if they become soiled.
  • We rarely ever have indoor fecal accidents because our boarders are outside, hourly, Monday through Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.  
  • Our overnight guests start going outside between 6 to 7am.  Last evening out, is between 6 to 7pm.
  • Our outside play area, which is an acre, is divided into 5 sections so all dogs can safely spend time running and playing outdoors.
  • All outside fecal matter is picked up and discarded from site on a regular basis through out the day.
  • Each owner must submit signed paper work accompanied by current vet records reflecting proof of vaccinations and dates.
  • We are located within 5 minutes of all Downtown Kingsport Industries such as, Eastman and Domtar.
  • We do not board aggressive or unpredictable dogs that pose risk to other dogs or humans.  
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